Thursday, August 13, 2009

Between A Rock (Apple) and A Hard PLace (Windows)

Between A Rock (Apple)


A Hard PLace (Windows)


I finally had to bite the bullet. The Linux machine I was running Fedora and Ubuntu on was thrashing about on archaic hardware with

very limited memory.

The Price of Netbooks was giving Notebooks and Desktops such a deserved shellacing that prices on the latter drop drastically and

storage soared to keep up.

I was able to get a plain-jane Compaq Desktop for under $400.00 with a 320GB hard drive and 3GB main memory, an AMD Athlon X2

7550 Dual Core Processor and Vista Home Premium (plus upgrade to Windows 7) and a SuperMulti DVD +/- Burner with Lightscribe

capability. And of course my Aubible Books account had no-way to work on "Linux" and neither did my iPod Touch 2G (on iTunes).

Like I said, between a Rock and a Hard Place. Economy of scale pushed me over the edge to the "Dark Side".

I won't say it's been a bed of roses, after all I am running Windows Vista on it's thankfully, last leg. And simple little things that just

worked the way I liked it in Linux had problems. Like utility programs Gedit (Notepad) and Midnight Commander (a Norton

Commander/ XTree clone) they fit me like comfy slippers.

I am waiting for Windows 7 with it's smaller footprint and snappier speed, even though most pundits know it's really Vista 2 (or what

Vista Should have been in the First Place).

Windows never did things the "logical" way .

I hear they're coming out with a Zune in COLORS!

Welcome to the 20th century Microsoft, and Good Luck with that.

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