Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wisdom of The Wisdom of Crowds

Just got the Audible book after wrestling with opposing choices like Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and "End the Fed" by some losing Presidencial Candidate.

I do believe young Kevin Rose (DIGG) talking about it last weekend on Leo Laporte's TWiT had a whole bunch to do with the decision. Kevin has become quite a speaker.
Almost as much as Obama has lost his Speaking Charm.

I've heard some people say, Obama's still in campaign mode, which I assume means a double clutch low gear.

Chicago losing to Brazil didn't help the direction of the roll he seems to be on.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the reading of CROWD, which is a complete opposite of what I Really Thought the Group Mind was really like.

Anyway, a very Good Read if you get the chance.

Wingman, finding refuge in good books.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Between A Rock (Apple) and A Hard PLace (Windows)

Between A Rock (Apple)


A Hard PLace (Windows)


I finally had to bite the bullet. The Linux machine I was running Fedora and Ubuntu on was thrashing about on archaic hardware with

very limited memory.

The Price of Netbooks was giving Notebooks and Desktops such a deserved shellacing that prices on the latter drop drastically and

storage soared to keep up.

I was able to get a plain-jane Compaq Desktop for under $400.00 with a 320GB hard drive and 3GB main memory, an AMD Athlon X2

7550 Dual Core Processor and Vista Home Premium (plus upgrade to Windows 7) and a SuperMulti DVD +/- Burner with Lightscribe

capability. And of course my Aubible Books account had no-way to work on "Linux" and neither did my iPod Touch 2G (on iTunes).

Like I said, between a Rock and a Hard Place. Economy of scale pushed me over the edge to the "Dark Side".

I won't say it's been a bed of roses, after all I am running Windows Vista on it's thankfully, last leg. And simple little things that just

worked the way I liked it in Linux had problems. Like utility programs Gedit (Notepad) and Midnight Commander (a Norton

Commander/ XTree clone) they fit me like comfy slippers.

I am waiting for Windows 7 with it's smaller footprint and snappier speed, even though most pundits know it's really Vista 2 (or what

Vista Should have been in the First Place).

Windows never did things the "logical" way .

I hear they're coming out with a Zune in COLORS!

Welcome to the 20th century Microsoft, and Good Luck with that.

The Wingman on MC2 Blog.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How New Media (Twitter) TRUMPED Old Media (CNN)

Some reporters are calling it, David vs. Goliath. I call it New Media Beating the Pants OFF of Old Media.

With the Trend for Network Newscasters to be Celebrities, and rarely News Reporters, I had come to a conclusion about the Relevancy of Network News.

In a space where "timing" is everything, Network News dropped the ball a long time ago.

Most pundits have long realized is that Network News was just putting a pretty face on leading newspaper Stories from the New York and LA Times, and for a shot of geekyness: Wall Street Journal, Facebook and Twitter.

The Celebrity Rush to Twitter may have been it's Downfall.

CNN waited for the numbers to come in on the Iranian Elections and got punked good by a Lot-of-Twitters that did not.

Will this Speed-Bump on the road to New Media be a wake-up call for the Networks?

Sorry to say, I think that ship has sailed.

Sorry Bill Maher, but This Is Real-Time: and


New Media Conversations.

Tue 16 Jun 2009 06:50:16 AM PDT


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Talk about New Media

The Past Is Prologue again...

I just read a great article by Clay Shirky entitled Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable. It's a must read for understanding what this New Blog is going to be about.

The Link is here:

Leo mentioned it in passing when he had a conversation with Tim O Reilly on FLOSS Weekly, episode 73.

Link to FLOSS Weekly:

Google Wave Developers

Preview I/O 2009

I also sat in on a Presentation for Google Wave Developers Preview I/O 2009
(only available for Developers, at present), but it was touted to be the

Next New

Email, Chat, Blogger,

Picture Sharing,

, Wiki


Collaboration Tool.

And Do it "LIVE" as a HTML file

on the Internet.

Link to Video Presentation is Here:

The upheaval caused by Printing Press in the 1600's is a cautionary tale of where we stand today. Looking to find What will replace the Old Media prototypes of Newspapers, Books, Music, Radio and TV is scary stuff. But being in a forest of New Media experimentation it is difficult seeing the trees for the forests.

That is what this conversation hopes to be about.

Realizing that not everything that Sparkles will be our Gold.

(aka the Wingman).