Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Talk about New Media

The Past Is Prologue again...

I just read a great article by Clay Shirky entitled Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable. It's a must read for understanding what this New Blog is going to be about.

The Link is here:

Leo mentioned it in passing when he had a conversation with Tim O Reilly on FLOSS Weekly, episode 73.

Link to FLOSS Weekly:

Google Wave Developers

Preview I/O 2009

I also sat in on a Presentation for Google Wave Developers Preview I/O 2009
(only available for Developers, at present), but it was touted to be the

Next New

Email, Chat, Blogger,

Picture Sharing,

, Wiki


Collaboration Tool.

And Do it "LIVE" as a HTML file

on the Internet.

Link to Video Presentation is Here:

The upheaval caused by Printing Press in the 1600's is a cautionary tale of where we stand today. Looking to find What will replace the Old Media prototypes of Newspapers, Books, Music, Radio and TV is scary stuff. But being in a forest of New Media experimentation it is difficult seeing the trees for the forests.

That is what this conversation hopes to be about.

Realizing that not everything that Sparkles will be our Gold.

(aka the Wingman).

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